According to English saying “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”. That is why, this spring, we’d like to celebrate the upcoming, beautiful weather and invite you to our restaurant for our new menu created by Paweł Pyra.

Our new, spring menu, is coming up on March 25th. And what is waiting for us? Let’s give the voice to our Chef – Paweł Pyra:

I’d like to invite You to Quale Restaurant to try my dishes which are created not only with passion, but also composed of carefully selected ingredients – says Paweł Pyra. – I value perfection, that is why I place an emphasis on every detail, as well as on innovative combination of flavours, aromas and textures. I present traditional polish dishes in a modern way with a touch of native spices and aromas. At Quale restaurant I have focused on a seasonality, because I believe that the best taste cannot be obtained by disturbing the rhythm of nature. And the effect of our work is worth sinning for. Bon appétit!